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Surely anyone who uses WordPress will have little difficult in the select best plugins for website, even those who have used WordPress perennial also have some confused in choosing the plugin because there are so many similar plugin therefore not know what better use .

Often beginners get confused when trying to pick the best WordPress plugins amongst so many that are available. We frequently get questions like what is the best WordPress plugin for SEO, Social Media, Performance, etc. Unlike other sites, WPBeginner test and review the best WordPress plugins and offer step by step installation guides to make your life easier. We know that everyone hates Top 10 WordPress plugins list, so we have taken a different approach. We do the research, so you don’t have to.

With so many websites utilizing the WordPress content management system these days it has resulted in a large number of plugins available to webmasters. They help webmasters do everything from analyzing data on the site to helping improve the SEO. The WordPress plugin directory allows webmasters to search the available plugins, and with nearly 30,000 available plugins there is one for virtually any need.Using plugins can help improve the performance of a website, the search engine optimization, and the overall user experience.

According demand everyone, I will open a special topic dedicated to providing list of the best wordpress plugins to use for each purpose . We will assess plugin through functional , support , regular updates and certainly never have malicious in code is attached .

Currently order best wordpress plugins list includes :

  • The security plugin and optimize wordpress.
  • Best SEO plugin for wordpress
  • Best wordpress Ecommerce plugins
  • The most useful plugins
  • The plugin has the most potential .

What plugins do you find essential for your Multisite network? Tell us in the comments below.

The security plugin and optimize wordpress

Name PluginAuthorRating
BulletProof SecurityEdward Alexander Powerful
Better WP SecurityBit51 Easy-to-use
6Scan Security6Scan Handy
AkismetAutomattic Anti-spam
WP 2-Step VerificationAs247 2 layers security

Best SEO plugin for wordpress

Name PluginAuthorRating
WordPress SEO by YoastJoost de Valk Easy-to-use and good.
SEO UltimateSEO Design Solutions Multifunctional
All in One SEOMichael Torbert Easy-to-use
Google XML SitemapArne Brachhold Best way to generate sitemap
WP External LinksVictor Villaverde Laan Easy-to-use

Best wordpress Ecommerce plugins

Name PluginAuthorRating
WooEcommerceWooThemes Easy-to-use
eShopRich Pedley Good but a bit difficult to use
EcwidEcwid Team Lightweight
PayPal Simple CartRuhul Amin Quite simple
Ready! Ecommerce Shopping CartReady Shopping Most features

The most useful plugins

SEO plugin, security or Ecommerce are useful but for ease of reference, I would choice 20 plugin recommended if you want.

Name PluginAuthorRating
Responsive LightboxdFactoryCreate lightbox effect for images responsive.
Image CleanupOpicronDelete no longer used.
EWWW Image OptimizerNosilver4uCompress large image
WP Super CacheDonncha O CaoimhEasy-to-use
Contact Form 7Takayuki MiyoshiEasy-to-use
BackWPUpDaniel HüskenIndispensable
Lightbox PlusDan ZapponeIndispensable
nRelated Post PluginnRelate & SlipFireIndispensable
Yet Another Related PostMichoSimple – Powerful
WP Mashsocial WidgetAhmad AwaisNice – Convenience
WP Page NaviLester ‘GaMerZ’ ChanShould use
GRAND FIAGAlleryRattusSightly
User Role EditorVladimir GaragulyaShould use if blog have more author
FacebookFacebookWordPress interact with Facebook
Disqus Comment SystemDisqusEasy-to-use
BJ Lazy LoadBjørn JohansenShould use
Special Recent PostLuca GrandicelliShould use
Fancier Author BoxThematoSoupShould use
Better WordPress Recent CommentKhang MinhShould use
External LinksDenis de BernardySupport SEO
Shortcode UltimateVladimir AnokhinBeautiful Shortcode Plugins
LiveblogAutomaticPost status such as social networks
Use Google LibrariesJczorkmidIndispensable
BJ LazyloadBjornjohansenIndispensable

The plugin has the most potential

This is a good plugin but lesser known, but will have the opportunity to become popular plugins in future .

TênTác giảĐánh giá
PanoPressOmercalevInsert images Panorama professional into blog
Lazy Social ButtonGodaddyInsert the Like button, +1 google plus effect Lazyload
Schema CreatorNorcrossCreate microdata for articles
Wordfence SecurityMmaunderComprehensive Protection for file
CSS & Javascript OptimizerEvgeniy KotelnitskiyJS & CSS Script Optimizer
WP RetinaTigrouMeowResize images quite good
Auto SEOPhillip.GoochSEO
Infinite WP ClientInfiniteWPMulti Blog Client
FAQ ManagerIndiaNICCreate and manage pages F.A.Q
WordPress Video GalleryContus SupportCreate professional video gallery
Drop Shadow BoxesStevehentyCreate shadow boxes
Simple InstagramRollybuenoInteract with Instagram account
Live ChatDanycodeSimple chat window
Easy PayPalManojtdSimple PayPal Payment Gateway
Codepress Admin ColumnsCodepressLayout Arrangements Wp-admin
SlideDesk 2 Lite ContentDtelepathy, Kynatro và 4 othersProfessional Photo Slideshow
Simple FootnoteNacinAdd notes to article
Advanced Youtube EmbedEmbedplusPost video from youtube
Easy RotetorDWUserSimple Picture Slideshow
Social LoginClaude SchlesserComment, log in use social networking account
A Better SearchMikko SaariOptimize search function
Live Chat RobotAcobotAutomatic Chat
Post View CountJulioboxShow hits in the article
Ultimate TinyMCEJosh LobeFrames visually edit posts
Solioquy LiteGriffinjtCreate responsive slideshows
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