Incredibly Useful WordPress Plugins For Genesis Frameworks

Best Genesis Plugins For Genesis Frameworks

Genesis is one of the best WordPress theme framework,and here in this list we will  list some of the best Genesis plugins which can help you in customizing your WordPress genesis theme and layout,some of the plugins listed are free and some are paid.

If you’re running the Genesis Framework from StudioPress on your WordPress website, and you really should be, there are some awesome plugins you can install to enhance the functionality of your site. We’ve tested almost all the popular plugins for Genesis Framework and based on our experience we’ve put together a short list of what we consider to be the best Genesis plugins.

Genesis Simple Hooks


One of the best things about Genesis is the ability to use hooks and filters to quickly and easily modify content throughout your website. Genesis Simple Hooks makes this process even easier by letting you add html and php code directly in the WordPress admin panel. We typically don’t use this plugin and opt for adding things manually, but if you’re less familiar with code or just prefer to work directly in the Admin panel, this will definitely help you you.

Genesis Responsive Slider


This plugin is very similar to Genesis Slider but has a few different options and most importantly; it works with responsive (mobile friendly) themes by resizing itself to the screen size.

Genesis Club Lite


The Plugin genesis Club lite allows you to add and modify lots of things like logo,Author signature at the end of every post,allows to add extra widgets to top or bottom of every post,changing the read more label and lots of other things.

Genesis Optimized Social Share


The plugin allows you to add optimized social sharing buttons of some popular social networking sites,the plugin is one of the best social sharing buttons for genesis themes,the plugin is available for free.

Genesis Grid


The Genesis Grid plugin by Bill Erickson allows you to easily display all of your posts using the built-in Genesis Grid function. It also allows you to control featured image sizes and a number of other options. There are also some advanced options for developers to hook into for displaying things with more granular control.

Genesis Bootstrap Carousel


The plugin Genesis Bootstrap Carousel allows you to create a responsive Image carousel which displays the featured image with a title and excerpt from posts.

Genesis Widgetized Not Found & 404


It’s common that sometimes your user will land on a 404 Not Found Page and you must have seen some of the customized 404 Not Found which engages the site visitor,This Plugin will help you in customizing the 404 Not Found page in genesis theme and is available for free

Genesis Simple Sidebars


This plugin allows you to create multiple sidebars and assign them on each post, page, category, or tag page. This one is great for displaying one sidebar on your main WordPress pages and a different sidebar on your blog.

Genesis Title Toggle


By default the title of your page or post will automatically be inserted at the top of your content. This plugin allows you toggle the automatic title on or off and set sitewide defualts.

Genesis Simple Menus


The Genesis Simple Menus plugin allows you to select different secondary menus for specific pages and posts on your website. Sometimes you may need to add additional menu items in a particular area of your site that aren’t relevant to any other areas. With this plugin you can easily do this without coding anything!

Genesis Visual Hook Guide


The Genesis Visual Hook Guide is a great companion for the Simple Hooks plugin. It adds a drop-down menu to visually display the various hooks available in Genesis. Being able to inspect the hook areas visually can make the process of adding and removing content from your site significantly easier.

Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget


I used to tell everyone to use the Genesis Featured Widget Amplified, but it’s no longer a viable plugin. The code is out-of-date and it doesn’t work with the latest version of Genesis. Luckily, our friend and awesome WordPress developer Travis Smith has rebuilt the plugin from the ground up and given it a new name.

The Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget replaces the default Featured Post Widget included in the Genesis framework and adds the ability to display custom post types and custom taxonomies. It also lets you exclude items by Term ID and supports pagination, plus a number of other useful options. To truly appreciate how much ass this plugin kicks, you’ll need to install and use it yourself.

Genesis Simple Edits


The plugin genesis simple edits allows you to modify the post-info (byline), post-meta, and footer area on any Genesis theme,with the help of texts,Shortcodes,HTML.

Genesis Simple Comments


This plugin allows you to easily make changes the comments section and comment form, including changing the size of the comments Gravatar. It’s simple to use and works great.

Genesis Tabs


This plugin allows you to create a tabbed section within a widget, that can display the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post. It functions similarly to Genesis’ built-in featured post widget.

Genesis eNews Extended


A while back, Genesis removed the default eNews widget that was built into the framework. They did this to reduce the amount of bloat in the core theme and personally I think it was a really great decision. Still, the functionality provided by the eNews widget was really useful for a lot of people because it’s a great way to drive more email subscribers to your list. Luckily, our friend Brandon Kraft stepped up and built a plugin version of the eNews widget and it’s even better than the original!

Genesis eNews extended can easily integrate with some of the best email newsletter software on the planet including Mail Chimp, awebber, and a newer WordPress-sepcific email plugin called Mail Poet. If you’re managing a mailing list for your site, definitely install this plugin!

Genesis Subpages As Secondary Menu


Another plugin for managing the secondary menu by replacing the manually managed secondary menu with one that automatically lists the current section’s subpages.

Genesis Widgetized Footer


This plugin is a more robust option for customizing the footer of Genesis child themes using widgets. It still supports all of the Genesis shortcodes, but with widgets you can add additional items like menus, search boxes, etc

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress created by WooThemes. If you’re selling products on your WordPress website you should consider using WooCommerce. The Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin adds some essential functions to Genesis so that there are no issues when displaying WooCommerce store, product, and account pages.

Genesis Design Pro


Genesis Design pro is a premium plugin and allows you to customize the look of your genesis theme without coding anything and changing any code in your themes file,if you aren’t good at coding and wish to customize the look of your Genesis theme,you must buy it.

Well, that’s our list of the best Genesis plugins! What do you think? Did we miss a super-awesome plugin that you use on every site you’ve ever created? Do you hate one of the Genesis plugins we listed? Let us know in the comments!

Remember: Only use the plugins you need and deactivate and uninstall any you are not using. Always make sure you backup your site before installing new plugins.

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