Top 10 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs 2023

WordPress has been one of the most well-known and best cms that individuals use to develop their own web. After creating sites, it’s also an excellent platform for blogging. Mostly, every weblog writer uses WordPress to handle their own self organised weblogs. WordPress is on the no.1 because it has excellent and awesome beneficial functions.
Well, WordPress is also ideal in SEO. By standard, there are not any SEO functions in WordPress but many excellent WordPress SEO Plug-ins are available that create the WordPress SEO simpler. So, These days we’re going to talk about about some top best SEO Plugins.

Why To Use WordPress SEO Plugins?

If you’re absolutely new about SEO and also specially with WordPress than you must have a read on this passing. SEO appears for seo and every website owner usually improve their internets for google to be able to get look for visitors. If you want to generate great visitors through google than you need to improve you web for google while plugins help us to improve our blog. SEO can also be done manually but in order to save time and do work properly WordPress SEO Plugins are important to use.

We all understand that SEO is a huge field and it needs voluminous information to master it. However if you are serious regarding blogging, business or regarding your portfolio then you will do your maximum to boost the quality of content and authorship. The most effective tool  to improve your visibility and authority is SEO, because it helps to drive a lot of organic traffic, customers and leads.

These powerful feature is a necessary plugin to assist you in order to remodel your  website into a web company site. I have tried to gather the best add-on, on four different topics, this is as followed

  The uniqueness in content creation,

  Social media marketing,



1. WordPress SEO By Yoast

SEO-by-YoastThis is one of the most popular and best WordPress SEO Plugin that is being used by almost every blogger. This comes with both free and premium versions. WordPress SEO by Yoast let you create web pages and blog posts search engine friendly and also optimize them to rank better in SERP. You can call this plugin all rounder because this plugin manages every single thing of SEO. The most needed features that you’ll get with this plugin are XML sitemaps, page analysis, Meta and Link elements, permalink, breadcrumbs, RSS optimization, Google rich snippets, Social Integration and many more. Other than this, they’re many free guides with video tutorials are available on the web about the proper usage of this plugin.

2. All in One SEO Pack


All in one SEO has been developed by Michael Torbert who runs his business and also offer a professional version of this addon. The pro version has lots of other advance features which you won’t get in free version, including premium support and installation. Now lets talk little about its features. If you are one among those blogger who really don’t understand SEO and rarely care to perform any onpage optimization, then you must use this plugin. As it can automatically generate meta description, meta keywords for your blog posts. It can automatically optimize your titles using best practices. Additionally it can even add alternate tags to all your images within any of your posts. This is really important task as search bots can understand the graphics and they only need the text based explanation.

3. SEOPressor


This is the third best WordPress SEO Plugin that is paid not free but also has some different features from above mentioned plugins.SEOPressor is all in one and truly the most powerful wordpress SEO plugin ever built. It has power to manage all your pages, posts, custom post formats or in simple terms your complete website. SEOPressor also comes with powerful internal linking feature which allows you to assign any particular link with one specific word or phrase. Then whenever you will publish the post, those words will be hyper linked automatically.This plugin also helps to make your site more social friendly by adding Facebook open graph and twitter meta data tags. It has inbuilt support for rich snippet which means now you can write unlimited review and they will be made compatible automatically.

4. SEO Friendly Images

SEO-Friendly-ImagesSEO Friendly Images automatically adds proper alt and title attributes to all your images (according to the options you set) improving traffic from search engines. The ALT attribute plays a significant role with search engines by describing your images (otherwise unreadable) with some meaningful text. The TITLE tag plays a lesser role in SEO but is still important as this text provides tool-tips for your readers when they hover over an image. Not all WordPress themes insert ALT and TITLE text into your images automatically after inserting them into a post, making this issue a frequent SEO problem for websites.

5. WP Social SEO Booster

WP-Social-SEO-BoosterWP Social SEO Booster adds Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and Google Rich Snippets (Microdata / to your site to boost your sites search engine visibility. It is the only plugin which does include ALL the different types of microdata which are supported by Google.WP Social SEO Booster as been translated into English and German

6. Google XML Sitemaps

Google-XML-SitemapsA powerful yet easy to use plugin from bestwebsoft. It allows you to easily create and submit your sitemaps to Google webmaster and bing webmaster tool. It even generates the .gzip file which Google usually use and consider.Having a great XML sitemaps that may fetch new posts and ping Google for index is important for every site or blog. WordPress plugins lab provides you an exclusive plugin that creates the XML sitemaps of your WordPress site specially for Google. If Google is gonna accept such sitemaps that other search engines will probably do it. This plugin has 3.4 most recent version that is absolutely free to download. Google XML sitemaps share hands with you to create easily create XML sitemaps in which posts, pages, categories and tags pages can be included and you’ll have full control to moderate them.

7. SEO Rank Reporter

SEO-Rank-Reporter-PluginBased on keywords you choose, the SEO Rank Reporter plugin will track your Google rankings every 3 days and report the data in an easy-to-read graph.Keeping track of search engine rankings is not much important as sometimes low rank can loose energy to work harder but sometimes high rank also boosts our energy to work even more harder. Well, The thing that I do is just concentrate on creating more and more content only that actually helps to drive every kind of traffic. If you’re interested to have track of your search engine rankings than this is powerful plugin for you that will report you the ranking reports. This plugin displays data in graph and also have some more functionality.

8. SEO Ultimate

SEO-Ultimate-PluginSEO Ultimate is a powerful all-in-one SEO plugin, available free for WordPress bloggers. Take control of your on-page SEO with user-friendly settings and tools for optimizing your titles, meta data, robots tags, canonicalization, autolinks, post slugs, and much more.

9. Nofollow Internal Links

Nofollow-Internal-Links-Plugin-SeoNofollow Internal Links adds the “nofollow” rel attribute to unimportant internal link,including: read more, tag cloud links, categories, archive links,author post_link and comments popup link.

10. Scribe For WordPress

Scribe-For-WordPress-Plugin-SEOThere are many Search Engine Optimization tools on the web. I had been looking for a good SEO plugin for WordPress that would help me make my job more effective and save some time. Finally, I found Scribe SEO, a plugin that simplifies this long and somewhat complicated process. Scribe for WordPress is another most powerful WordPress SEO Plugin that comes with premium version only.My job is now easier and more efficient. Scribe performs three main tasks. These tasks are connected with keywords, content, and link building.

Custom SEO with No Plugin

Each of the SEO plugins mentioned have some nice features to enhance the SEO of your blog content, but not all these options are necessary which can then add unwanted overhead (extra code) and complexity to your site. You could consider customizing your WordPress site/theme to automatically set meta data for your posts like title and description, which is the primary automation of these SEO plugins. Your article title would be copied over to the meta title, and the first 160 characters of your content would populate the meta description (note: most search engines allow up to 160 characters within the description). These features can be easily added to your site by any competent WordPress developer. This is how we do it here at DashBurst, and we have custom feilds for meta title and description to manually overwrite if needed. As far as keyword optimization and other benefits those SEO plugins provided, they’re all pretty much extracurricular, and any best practices (like using keyword placement) can be enforced on your own without the need of an extra plugin slowing down your site. It might take some practice, but considering speed is a factor of SEO, do you have any performance to give up just for a few extra pointers when you create a post? Well if you’re not an experienced blogger or have little development resources, then that extra overhead may be worth it.

But WordPress plugins constantly change and go out-of-date, and aren’t always properly maintained with the new builds of WordPress. By adding only the basic needed functionality of a WordPress plugin directly into the theme of your site, you increase your sites performance and avoid other potential maintenance issues down the road. So the ultimate minimalist approach here for optimal performance and SEO would be to automate the meta data yourself (via your WordPress theme code) and just add the one light Google XML Sitemap plugin to take care of refreshing search engines after new posts.

What’s Next?

So her comes the end to this list. These were some best WordPress SEO Plugins that you can use to rank high in search engines, track things and can do more with SEO. However, There are also more interesting plugins that you can get in plugins store. Hope the WordPress users may have liked this article as it is specially for them this time. Lets make the discussion about these plugins by commenting and also them with your friends. They are my personal favorite and I consider them as top wordpress SEO plugins. Tell us which one if your favorite do do you use any another plugin.

So what SEO plugin strategy have you implemented on your WordPress blog ?

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